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Sleepy whitewashed fishing villages and flamenco, Moorish castles and gleaming sandy beaches, you could head to the Costa de Almeria for bold desert landscapes or the Costa del Sol for the most popular and lively resorts. If you missed your chance for a summer getaway but still yearn for a hit of heat, Egypt could well be the answer to your sunshine prayers. Iconic pyramids, miles of magnificent beach and thriving, dynamic cities; there's a reason why over 12 million tourists make their way here every year.

Enjoy the glittering Red Sea and white sands of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada 's beach resorts, explore Cairo 's enigmatic historical sites or Luxor 's mystical Valley of the Kings. Visiting in autumn is a smart way to hack your holidays and beat those midsummer peak-season rates.

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If breathtaking scenery is at the top of your list, Madeira certainly should be too. With ruggedly handsome beaches, picture-postcard mountain ranges and radiant botanical gardens, there's a reason why it's nicknamed the 'Floating Garden' - because it really is just that. Carpeting the entire landscape in a riot of Fuchsia Bougainvillea, bright red poinsettias and lilac trees, startling botanicals transform the entire island into a land of fairytale proportions.

Located around miles off the coast of Senegal, the islands of Cape Verde have only recently found themselves bathing in the glow of global attention - but boy, are they deserving of their time in the sun. Comprised of 10 isles, Boa Vista is their most easterly, and translates roughly as 'Beautiful View' - which is fitting, surrounded as it is by 55 kilometres of stunning coastline and white sandy bays. Temperatures here paradise warm all year round and prices remain pretty steady throughout the year; definitely one for the autumn wish list if ever we saw one.

The USA in the 'fall' is famously a sight for sore eyes, so why not take the ultimate road trip through some of its most arresting landscapes?

Or there's magical Jordan , host to mesmerising antiquities like Petra , an ancient Nabataean city carved into rock, as well as captivating desert landscapes where you'll be welcomed with spiced teas and sent across the red-earth desert of Wadi Rum at sunset on camelback. Approximately two hours' drive from Agadir is the chilled-out hippie haven Essaouira. Offering up a huge beach and a gorgeous UNESCO-verified medina, plus a decent clutch of authentic seafood restaurants, and photogenic whitewashed houses.

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Historic and thriving, it's little wonder visitors from all over the world fall in love with Lisbon. A dynamic and up-and-coming metropolis where 16th century monasteries, Gothic masterpieces and Moorish cobbled streets rub up against stylish bars and Michelin-starred restaurant, Lisbon also enjoys a great beach culture and an exciting music and art scene - what's not to love? Flights during autumn tend to be cheaper too with a duration of around two-and-a-half hours.

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One of Europe's largest countries, Poland presents a fascinating combination of expansive green countryside, unique and compelling culture and architecture through the ages. From stylish hot spots like Krakow and Gdansk to dramatic medieval Warsaw , an autumn city break here will ensure you're kept guessing by a thrilling mix of the cosmopolitan and the historic - all wrapped up in a bow marked 'reasonably priced'. You can grab incredibly cheap flights to Poland from the UK from a range of different regional airports, especially in autumn when the serious bargains start to crop up.

Montreal is above all a city of creativity and innovation. The birthplace of one of music's greatest luminaries, Leonard Cohen, it's a city that's all about music, culture and great food.

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Autumn is a lovely time to visit Montreal, when leaves pave the streets with radiant reds and oranges and the city is gearing up for another winter. Where to go on Holiday in Autumn. Search for Cheap Autumn Holidays. This may take up to 30 seconds. Throughout Europe, sunny short haul holiday possibilities are ubiquitous, particularly in areas towards the Mediterranean.

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Cyprus is an autumn favourite for those seeking the sun, as its southerly position results in temperatures averaging around the 30C levels, with the warm season lasting longer than average. Other top European destinations include the Canary Islands, with the strong winds common to Lanzarote dropping along with the crowds of tourists at this time of year, creating splendid conditions for those that enjoy the outdoor trekking across its famous Volcanic mountains. But have no fear, the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic ocean offers the perfect way to cool off, with an abundance of diving and snorkelling activities available for all levels.