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We have 11 waxcenter. Grab a free coupons and save money. It is the Premiere Direct mail option at the most affordable prices offering direct measurable results. The Ultimate Wax Experience. President Trump has threatened to declare the porousness of the southern border a National Emergency … under which he would have broad executive authority that would include funding and building people-crossing barriers in strategic locations. The journey to the Supreme Court would take time … with slightly better than odds of reinstatement. Not to be outdone, Virginia started the ball rolling to reduce restrictions on late-term abortions.

According to a WaPo analysis of Census Dept. As the Senate-Congressional conferees kick-off their negotiations, the MSM is still harping on the political-emotional hysteria and continuing to insinuate that Trump wants a Chinese-like concrete wall that runs the entire expanse of the U. About miles of walls and fencing are already in place e. The Sand Diego — Tijuana border.

A blurb in the NY Times caught my eye:. The great irony is that the shutdown only proved the indispensable value of the very government Trump so often expresses such disdain for.

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But, the day shutdown did surface a significant pain point: Driving around on Friday morning, I heard the the headlines: No way to spin it … the man threw in the towel … proclaiming that he was going to trust Lucy Nancy Pelosi to tee up the ball again … and negotiate a wall-inclusive compromise in the next couple of weeks. Why subject himself to the Dem frowns, eyerolls and catcalls?

When armed robbers rush into a bank, the scared customers implore the security guard to do something. A CBO study revealed that, on average, civilian Federal government employees make civilian federal workers make 17 percent more in wages and benefits than similar workers in the private sector.

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Much of the crime was attributable to hombres literally coming across the border from Tijuana with bad intentions … not hard workers coming across for employment. Bush signed the Secure Fences Act. Because of Gatekeeper and Secure Fences, right now the U. Her nemesis — President Trump — scored it as inauthentic, noting that it would have seemed more authentic if she had been wearing her native headdress.

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Posted in authenticity , Trump, President Donald J. Now, their pay is deferred until the end of the shutdown. The combo of the macro and micro raised a logical question…. Dems and their surrogates snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. I literally burst out laughing when they did their Bobby Jindal-like hallway entrance … to me, they looked a bit ghoulish … walking in from the catacombs. For laughs, watch the clip with the sound off. That was in a macro sense: I initially thought that the kid might have a learning disability, a physical handicap or was — for some weird reason — banned from signing legal documents.

Posted in Common Core , Dept. Faculty colleagues and I often bemoaned that there seems to be a consensus that writing skills among MBA students have been declining. Testing my hypothesis on a middle school math teacher-friend, I got a rude awakening …. I think that the response surprised the reporter who probably expected a long-winded rationale for the pay increases. Medicare exceptions for Congressional staffers. So, to avoid future government shutdowns, what not a simple legislative change: No member of the Senate, Congress or their staffs shall receive any compensation during the period when any part of the government is shutdown because of Congressional actions or inaction.

Along a similar vein — I said it was one of my hot buttons — in a prior post , I wrote about how our dim-witted government officials put the brakes on school vouchers that would allow working folks to send their kids to private schools …. When he assumed office in , he did something remarkable: He enrolled his 9-year-old daughter, Amy, in a predominantly black Washington, D.

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Amy became the first child of a sitting U. Despite that finding, then President Obama curtailed the program … and turned around and enrolled his daughters in Sidwell Friends — the swank private school of choice for the DC elite. Education politics are big business in America, often pitting institutionalized interests like the NEA against parents and kids. And, equally unfortunately, there are far too many people who are in a position to right the wrongs who are taking advantage of their ability to opt out of the discussion, at least as far as their own children are concerned.

An exclamation point that the economy — save for the stock market — had a remarkable year. I either buy at the peak … or, hold winners until they become losers. Best that I can tell, about 1 million government employees are impacted: Not much on the ground … temp is 34 degrees … roads are clear … but those AccuWeaterher folks are saying more snow is coming. Archive photo … not from today! Due the inclement weather, non-essential Federal government workers do not have to report for work today. Cable news pundits lead most broadcasts with deep concern: But, holiday chit-chit among friends and family has taken a much different track….

Only one instance of anybody being impacted: Many pundits say that the recent stock market volatility and steep decline are at least partially attributable to algorithmic trading … complex analytical models with decision rules executed in real time by computers … think: The current relevance prompted me to flashback to a very cool 15 minute TED Talk … my all time favorite.

In the talk, tech entrepreneur Kevin Slavin tells how algorithms have reached across industries and into every day life. All of this got me wondering about the impact of rising rates on the Federal budget…. Pundits expected a more wiggle-roomed statement that the Fed would be watching what happens and be driven by the data.

The article summarized an econometric study think: That is, when the Fed adds liquidity into the market think: Our friends and allies must be able to trust us. From Israel to Poland to the Philippines to Colombia and across the world — they must know that we are reliable and consistent and determined. And our adversaries must have no reason to doubt our resolve — because peace really does come through strength.

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When the world looks at us today they see an American government that cannot live within its means. They see a government that continues to borrow money, mortgaging the future of generations to come. The world knows that when a nation loses control of its finances, it eventually loses control of its destiny. That is not the America that has inspired others to follow our lead. The essence of America — that which really unites us — is not ethnicity, or nationality or religion — it is an idea — and what an idea it is: That you can come from humble circumstances and do great things.

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Ours has never been a narrative of grievance and entitlement. We have not believed that I am doing poorly because you are doing well. You might not be able to control your circumstances but you could control your response to your circumstances. The crisis in K education is a grave threat to who we are. We need to have high standards for our students — self-esteem comes from achievement not from lax standards and false praise. And we need to give parents greater choice — particularly poor parents whose kids — most often minorities — are trapped in failing neighborhood schools.

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When the Singing Trump walked on stage for his first audition, the crowd booed loudly … remember, it is an NBC show. According to CNBC ….

Technical note to CNBC: A monopoly has only one supplier. A duopoly has two. The self-operated farm provide Costco with million chickens … 40 percent of its yearly chicken needs. Many, many years ago, I interviewed for a position at KFC as a chicken buyer. I was recruited because I had an economics degree and had worked for a large grocery store chain. The researchers working under the auspices of the Center for Open Science spent four years trying to reproduce leading psychology experiments.